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  • left quoteI have now received Mr. Falworth's excellently written report. I just would like to thank you for everyone's help in my treatment.right quote
    - Mr B.G.
  • left quoteI would like to thank you and Mr. Falworth for your professional kindness and efficiency: your quick and understanding response opened up a possibility of recovery that I had initially foregone, and I will be always grateful for your work. You have my wholehearted thanks and admiration.right quote
    - Mr M.R.
  • left quoteI am very pleased with the services provided to me by the practice and by Dr Mark Falworth in particular. I would like to really thank the practice and Mr Falworth for the whole experience and for a successful surgery. right quote
    - Mr O.S.
  • left quoteVery professional, explored and explained all options. Broke down treatment step by step in an easy to understand manner.right quote
  • left quoteMr Falworth was superb in every aspect. right quote
  • left quoteI saw Mark last night and, touch wood, he does not need to see me any more! So I just wanted to thank you and your colleagues for all the help and cooperation you have given me - much appreciated! Also of course a huge thank you to Mark himself for being him and so good at what he does. That is 3 members of our family he has helped so much. He should be proud! Much gratitude indeed! right quote
    - Miss TW
  • left quoteIn February 2018, I underwent a shoulder operation that I thought would put me out of my triathlon season for the rest of the year.  However, I couldn't have expected what would happen in the next 7 months! In July I became the European Triathlon Champion, and then in September, I came 6th in the World Triathlon Championships!  In both occasions, I finished in my own record time, something I haven't done in a long time, even before my injury! I cannot thank Mr. Falworth enough for everything he has done for me - I had this injury for nearly two years, so for him to fix it like it wasn't even there is amazing!  He and his team made me feel so comfortable for my first operation, and the time between my first meeting with him and the surgery was very quick! Thank you for fixing my shoulder and making this my best triathlon season to date!right quote
    - Miss KT
  • left quoteI want to say a massive Thank You, not only for supporting me through my operation but for doing a truly fab job. My life had been the absolute pits without functioning elbows and to have one that is pain free, that works has made such a difference to my life I can't thank Mr. Falworth and his team enough for giving me some independence back. Without the Mr. Falworth's help I couldn't have made this card, written in it, brushed my hair, hugged my mum or held my phone. He gave me my life back by giving me a new elbow! Forever grateful.right quote
    - Miss JJ 
  • left quoteI would like to take this opportunity to thank Mr. Falworth for all your support and help you've given me. I also appreciate your kindness, professionalism and more importantly your care. right quote
    - Mrs RK
  • left quoteI really appreciate all of Mr. Falworth's hard work and time that he and his team have given me recently, enabling me to have good use of my shoulder, arm, elbow and hand. He has been so very kind to me and also the staff on the ward, all of whom I thank and respect.right quote
    - Ms EH
  • left quoteCould read as; Mr. Falworth replaced my right shoulder - it is terrific and I have pretty much 100% back to normal and no pain at all. Thank you.right quote
    - Mr AW
  • left quoteI would like to thank you for the immense improvement that you have brought to my everyday comfort and mobility. I am hugely grateful.right quote
    - Mr JP
  • left quoteThank you so much to Mr. Falworth and his wonderful team at the RNOH for looking after me over the past few years. I truly appreciate your kind and attentive concern and always ensuring that I received the best treatment to aid my recovery.right quote
    - Mrs RL
  • left quoteI owe a massive thanks to Mr. Falworth and all his team for fixing my scapula. Without all of their excellent work and expertise I would never have been able to complete my Iron-man. Indeed, there was a question of me ever being able to swim again and without the ability to swim I would not even have a job. My emotional thanks.right quote
    - Mr ML
  • left quoteI couldn't thank Mr. Falworth enough for what he have done for me. I am now able to do everything I have always wanted to do. And have now got a job as a PE teacher. I am so grateful for everything. Many thanks.right quote
    - Mr KA
  • left quoteJust to say thank you for the work you did on my elbow. It is the first time in almost a year that I can use it. I am starting physio today and I am sure my arm will get even better. So thanks again.right quote
    - Mrs JC
  • left quoteI would like to say a big 'Thank You" to Mr. Falworth for giving me back the full use of my right arm, something which I have not had for over thirty years. I feel I have to write and thank him for the great repair which he performed on my right shoulder last February. I now have elevation of my arm way above shoulder height impossible for years. I can now perform everyday tasks without even thinking about them. The big plus is not having the everyday pain to contend with, I was convinced I was to be stuck with that pain for the rest of my life! I would like to thank him for taking the time and trouble to listen to me when I had my first consultation.right quote
    - Mr TE

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